The Ecosystem of prosperity & abundance for humankind.

EcoMoney is a commodity accepted by general consent as a medium of economic exchange. It is the medium in which prices and values are expressed in current time. It circulates from eco-aware person to  eco-aware person and  eco-aware country to  eco-aware country, facilitating trade, and it is the principal measure of wealth. 

Aspiration for wealth differentiates human from animal

Aspiration for sustainability differentiates an agrarian folk from a pirate or nomad

The most ignored aspect of contemporary currency 

You can explore how it could be created naturally?

One most ignored aspect of contemporary currency is that, it could be produced, with at the most a group of few persons, at their whim and will.

So the inflation or debt, and all the evil, it can generate, in a matter of just a moment.

You can see that all type of speculation, gambling, lotteries, liquor and prostitution permitted; in lieu of this type of currency, by the issuing authorities.

Due to this inherent flaw, of the currency, it is always the cause, of fight, war, crime, injustice.

The EcoMoney is related directly by the count of ecologically aware humans.

This makes it impossible, to be used against the recognizer’s interest.

It could only be generated by the deeds, which lead to humanity, towards next level of the community well being.

As it is only dealing with aware persons, it could never be used by, ignorant irresponsible person.

The ability to use it is. directly related to the real necessity, of humankind. So it has no exposure to false advertising, biased media or corny administration.

As it relates to humans, it could not be rigged, in artificial inflation, deflation or for corruption of any kind.

As it is directly connected with the humans, in current era; it is impossible to hoard it, or imbalance the opportunities for anyone.

It will generate automatically, when some human turn to be aware about his ecology.

This currency belongs, to only aware person, which could be transected, via ecologically responsible organizations.

It restricts the fly by night operation, of any kind; which is actually the main cause of all type of war, crime, corruption, misdeed, fraud and sickness

Is IMF powerless?

The facts show that the IMF is also powerless in disciplining some countries that have been running balance of payments deficits or surpluses for several years. - See more at

What are the Conflicting interests of our society?

Hard money has three major conflicting interests

1. Customer needs best quality at lowest possible prices

2. Employee needs highest amenities, wages irrespective of responsibility

3. Investor needs highest return on investment in shortest possible time frame.

(Just take an example. look the landing rate of nationalized banks way beyond the usual percentage growth in GDP or economy as a whole)

What happens?

Bad customer service

Ignorant employees

Operational losses of facility, opportunity and time, which looks like the tragedy of commons or broken window theory

In soft money

Investor replaced by customer and provider

Purchaser reasonably assesses the cost of acquisition and ownership while provider keeps his/her quality and overheads in direct proportion of customer perception.

The moment transaction happened; directly in between customer and provider the return on investment disbursed reducing overheads.

A sense of responsibility prevails in such transaction. Both parties take care of mutual well being.

Success = long-term vision + patience + good judgment + faith + action

Global Gross Glorious Growth of Genuine Graciousness 

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 शानदार वास्तविक अनुग्रह की सकल वैश्विक वृद्धि ही वास्तविक समृद्धि है.

वैयक्तिक समृद्धी का माप-दण्ड, वैयक्तिक अनुग्रह की वृद्धि है.